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HWW works with dozens of nonprofit agencies in NYC and Connecticut to fill their volunteer needs and to offer value-added benefits to the youth and women they serve through our financial literacy the Backpack drive, Secret Santa and programs fostering economic empowerment for low-income women.

In addition to the many volunteer opportunities afforded by HWW programs, we also offer opportunities on behalf of our nonprofit partners based on their organizational volunteer needs. Such opportunities include:

  • Conducting career days
  • Mentoring at-risk women and youth,
  • Conduct computer skills
  • Résumé writing and job search workshops
  • Support women trying to start small businesses, as well as gifts for the holidays.
  • And many other fun activities such as accompanying youth on field trips and helping women reentering the workforce select business attire.

Nonprofit Partners

Bottomless Closet, Children's Storefront, Forestdale, Good Shepherd Services, Go Project, iMentor, Inspirica, New Alternatives for Children, Partnership with Children,The Teak Fellowship, i Mentor, Wise Institute, Young Women's Leadership Network.

HWW’s Secret Santa and Holiday Gift Drive

Each October HWW volunteers begin amassing hundreds of gifts and gift cards that are distributed through our nonprofit partners to brighten the holidays for the Children they serve. In 2016 more than 1500 children received holiday gifts

HWW Volunteers and Donors

  • Answered 500 Secret Santa letters.other5
  • Organized holiday gift drives within their companies and among friends for HWW Provide hundreds of gifts for children from toddlers to teens.
  • Provided hundreds of gift cards.
  • Gave generously and donations were used to buy many additional gifts and gift cards.
  • Distribute letters, collect gifts and organize gift drives.



To get involved in the 2017 HWW Secret Santa and Holiday Gift Drive contact



    HWW would like to thanks all the individuals who volunteered and donated and the following companies:
  • Kingdon Capital Management & Shani Stecher
  • Mark Kingdon and Anla Cheng
  • Far Hills & Nicole Belmont
  • Institutional Investor
  • Mariner Capital & Jamie Silver
  • Fedcap
  • Atlantic Investment Management & Rema Davis
  • BNY Mellon & Maribel Ruiz
  • Monticello Consulting
  • HWW Young Women’s Council       
  • Robin Chaus
  • Metropole Realty Advisors & KT Bren
  • Taconic Capital Management