Since 2005, High Water Women (HWW) has pioneered groundbreaking initiatives designed in partnership with leading microfinance institutions to foster a connection between private-sector volunteerism and MFIs.

  • Global Finance Consultancy for MFIs and NGOs.
  • HWW volunteers create educational modules including Financial Risk Management and Investor Readiness for MFIs providing the basis for on-site and follow-up consulting services.
  • HWW is active with domestic MFIs, evaluating loan applications and providing entrepreneur business skills training.
  • HWW hosts workshops, symposiums, information sessions and donor events to promote interest and volunteerism in microfinance.

Global Finance Consultancy for MFIs and NGOs

  • HWW volunteers work in a consultative capacity with second or third tier microfinance institutions with little access to outside technical expertise to provide solutions, offering a tailored approach, balancing financial discipline with social benefit to create sustainability.
    • Assist in instituting internal processes and procedures to enhance governance and scale effectively while ensuring the MFI stays true to its mission.
  • HWW’s volunteers bring professional expertise in banking, capital markets, treasury and related fields that are of immediate value to microfinance institutions. Before going into the field, our volunteers are trained in the issues facing microfinance institutions and are positioned to share best practices in a consultative capacity, with a focus on improving both social and financial performance.
    • HWW volunteers have traveled into the field to complete pro bono assignments on behalf of microfinance partners in Colombia, Ghana, Philippines and Liberia and have worked with MFI’s in Guatemala and Haiti.
    • Engagements can range from focused, short-term projects to long-term, multi-disciplinary partnerships.

Economic empowerment of women: Count Me In, Project Enterprise HWW pro bono Microfinance Consulting Services: Grameen Foundation and WomensTrust, Oikocredit, Foundation for Women Liberia.




Global Finance Consultancy for MFIs and NGOs

    Specific Areas of Expertise
  • Risk Management
    • MFI risk issues Identification of key
    • Financial Risk: Management best practices, structure and oversight
  • Investor Readiness
    • Strategic planning and business plan development
    • Assessment of capital needs and path to sustainability
    • Financial sponsor, donor and marketing information
  • Governance
    • Consultation on oversight structure and required skills and resources
    • Board structure and membership
  • Identification of Servicers
    • Assist MFIs in identifying and structuring arrangements with consultants, legal services, and third-party vendors.

HWW would like to thank Seed Capital Development Fund, Ltd for their generous support of HWW’s Microfinance work.